Because THATCamp is an unconference, the agenda will be decided during the first session of the first day. Read more about how unconferences in general and THATCamp in particular work  under the “THATCamp 101” and “About” tabs. Learn how to propose a session under the “Propose” tab.

To access the Google Spreadsheet version of the schedule, click here.


5 Responses to Schedule

  1. Lee Wright says:

    Do you have a planned start and end time for each day?

  2. Is there a way I could clone this worksheet as a way of making my personal schedule. (Not that it’s so complicated at a THATCamp to get myself where I’m going, but.)

  3. Lee Wright says:

    I’m hoping it’s simply a public Google spreadsheet, which would provide easy access to everyone. This will be even more helpful as the grid is filled in.

  4. Hi guys. Yes, it’s just a public Google Spreadsheet. I had neglected to post the link; it’s there now.

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