Wanted: Workshop Topics and Presenters

THATCamp New England 2014 will feature about a half-dozen workshops designed to introduce/teach basic digital humanities tools and strategies, e.g. Omeka, Neatline, Voyant, Sketchup, etc.

If you have a tool or strategy you’d like to see workshopped–or if you’d like to run one of the workshops–definitely drop me a line at .

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About Joshua Pederson

I'm Lecturer of Humanities at Boston University, and my research focuses on religion in fiction from the post-war era to the present. I'm currently working on a book project that addresses infanticide and Christianity in American novels (ask me more later).

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  1. Hi all!

    I could lead either or both of Intro to Omeka and Intro to Plugin Writing for Omeka if there are enough people who want to flex some PHP coding muscles.

    Regarding the Intro to Omeka option, it’s fair for me to warn that I spend way more time writing the code for Omeka than actually using it in any sense, so if others appear who have experience using it, I’ll defer to them if they are also interested in leading that.

    There’s another workshop/discussion possibility that I might be able to suggest. I want to get a few more ducks hippos in a row before I throw it out for sure, though. 😉

    • Diane d'Almeida says:

      Hi. I wonder if this THAT camp will turn into a very techie type conference — will any subjects at all be addressed that have to do with humanities? I am a librarian, perhaps an old school type librarian, and I see the library is becoming inundated by technology. I understand this is necessary, but the people involved don’t seem to be very amenable to interaction — human interaction. How can one address this? Thanks!

      • I second Patrick’s comments–and thank him for posting them. Further, I’ll note that we’re striving to make sure that THATCamp New England is a welcoming venue for experts and newbies alike; no previous experience is necessary!

  2. I’d say you can expect both a lot of technology and a lot of humanities. Part of the spirit of THATCamp is that technology and humanities go together, and so even the most tech-oriented sessions have the humanities at their heart. I think the technology conversations at THATCamp might be a pleasant change from many conversations with an institutional IT group.

  3. Scott Kleinman says:

    Michael Drout and I were thinking of a workshop on the Lexos text analysis software. It’s easy to use and fun!

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