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Sustainability is a red herring

Yesterday on <a href="">my blog</a>, I noted how, in recent years, a higher and higher premium has been placed on "sustainability" in our discussions about digital humanities and especially in the grant guidelines our funders produce. I believe this emphaisis … Continue reading

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Undergraduate DH

As two recent Hampshire College undergrads, we both did digital humanist senior projects, but took very different approaches and routes to digital humanist work. L. Kelly FitzPatrick’s Poppies Pressed is a digital WWI centennial project, and Fiona Stewart-Taylor’s Facing Autobiography … Continue reading

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Multi-campus teaching projects

For this session I’d like to talk about or brainstorm other sorts of assignments that can take place across campuses. The last two times I’ve taught my Intro to Digital Humanities course, in 2011 and in 2014, I included an assignment … Continue reading

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Serendip-o-matic (almost) one year later

This is a discussion session about One Week One Tool and Serendip-o-matic ( Specific discussion topics can be driven by the participants, but possible options: – leveraging the DPLA and Europeana APIs – challenges maintaining product development with remote collaborators … Continue reading

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Dipping a Toe Into D3.js

If anyone else is interested in playing around with D3.js, I’d love to sit down for a while and try to figure things out. It all looks super-cool, but I haven’t had any time to devote to picking up another … Continue reading

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What Do People See When They Look at Visualizations?

Visualizations, visualizations everywhere, but what do people see when they look at them? It’s hard to know what people think they see when they look at visualizations. So I propose a session where we look at a bunch of visualizations, … Continue reading

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Using MOOCs as a Resource for Teaching and Learning

THAT Conference New England, May 2014 Maureen Ebben, Communication and Media Studies and Julien Murphy, Philosophy University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine TITLE:  Using MOOCs as a Resource for Teaching and Learning This “Talk” session will explore the ways in which … Continue reading

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What’s the current state of Linked Open Data?

Any #lodlam (Linked Open Data for Libraries, Archives, and Museums) folks coming? I’d like to talk and/or show-and-tell about projects that use LOD in some way — especially consuming or using, not just publishing. Ideally, I’d like to look at … Continue reading

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Session Proposal: Wikipedia, Pedagogy, and Hacktivism

Apologies for the tardy proposal. This could fall under either category of Talk or Teach. The main focus of this session would be the use of Wikipedia (and other popular online tools, like Twitter) in the classroom. What has worked … Continue reading

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