Session Proposal: Digital Annotation & Pedagogy

HyperStudio, the DH lab at MIT, would like to propose a session based around digital annotation and pedagogy.  We’ve been developing an online annotation tool, Annotation Studio.  It’s currently in use in writing, literature, history, foreign language, and media studies classes throughout the country.  We’d be happy to spend some time with people who’d like to learn more about Annotation Studio.  We can show you how to get up and running with Annotation Studio in your classes.  We’d also love to hear ideas from people about how they’d like to use it, both for their teaching and research.

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I'm a seventeenth century English historian by training now working in DH.

2 Responses to Session Proposal: Digital Annotation & Pedagogy

  1. Yes! I will look forward to learning about using Annotation Studio in my class this Fall!

  2. I was really disappointed to not be able to make it to the spring sessions MIT held on Annotation Studio, so I would be very much behind this.

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