Annotation Beyond Text

I’d like to propose a session on annotating (especially on teaching annotation with) non-textual media. While there are quite a few tools available (and more cropping up regularly) for working with texts, I haven’t found any satisfactory out-of-the-box solutions for working with non-textual stuff. So many tools require active and ongoing support, or agile infrastructure (and agile infrastructure staff units), or developer tweaking that none have proven quite right for our environment. Am I just not looking in the right places? Does anyone else have this issue and want to talk about it?

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Since my undergraduate days, when my studies focused on history, religious studies, and French, I've wandered around the career landscape with stops in publishing, dot-comming, corporate programming, and language technology. Now I'm in instructional technology for a broad world of instructors and students and I'm pleased to be able to indulge my interests in pedagogy, learning by play, and upsetting the apple cart. Also: I like cheese.

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  1. I haven’t, perhaps because my most recent use cases have been requests for working with giant TIFFs (à la zoomable images such as the new National Gallery site has) and for allowing students to use any form of web-based artifact they want. (Perhaps also because I had forgotten about it, but the use cases are contradictory in any case. ^_^) And this is kinda what I mean and probably kinda why new tools keep popping up, because use cases.

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